General Info

In this section of the website, we will include summaries or references for general industry information that we thought was interesting enough and beneficial enough to share it with others. 

For example, we believe that disposition is important.  Therefore, we have included an article on how disposition is not only a convenience, but also influences performance and carcass quality (see "Disposition" page).

We also believe that disposition is derived from a combination of genetics (particularly from the Dam) as well as how the animals are handled.  So we included an article that discusses using the right kind and the right amount of pressure for low-stress handling of cattle (see "Low-stress" page).

Another article that we referenced offers recommendations on preparing bulls for the breeding season and optimal cow-to-bull suggestions (see "Breeding" page).

One of the biggest challenges any cow-calf operation has is breeding back first-calf cows.  We reference an article that suggests starting early, ensuring proper body condition, and other ideas such as using a teaser bull or estrus synchronization (see "First-calf" page).

To creep, or not to creep?  This seems to be an on-going question that has its pros and cons.  We have our opinion, and we reference an article that describes both sides of the issue (see "Creep" page).

Please don't hesitate to email or call us with other areas of interest.  We may or may not have an opinion on the topic, but we certainly will enjoy discussing it with you and researching it more fully.