About Us

Oldest to youngest: Bernie, Jennifer, Sloane, Camille, Bentley

While we would all probably like to inherit a family ranch, the odds are that we will get to build it up ourselves. Growing up, I spent a lot of summers at my Aunt and Uncle's purebred Hereford cattle ranch in Kansas. Jennifer's family raised dairy cows in Oregon while her Aunt and Uncle made a go at cattle ranching. What we learned most was the value of hard work, honesty, positive attitude, and persistence.

After graduating from college, Jennifer and I spent about 12 years working in the computer industry. Much of this time, we were living in Georgia or Tennessee. Our main financial goal was to save up enough money so that we could purchase a place located nearby a "one-high-school-town." We found the "Rowan Place" which was originally built in 1914, and fell in love with it immediately. As my wife puts it, we are here until they bury us in the backyard :-) !

"Adapt, Improvise, Overcome!"